Tax Planning & Preparation

Need help preparing your taxes?  Are you taking advantage of all the deductions possible?  Are you up to date on the latest legislation changes?  I am here to help.  Tax planning is a requirement if you want to minimize your liability.  Waiting until your tax appointment after the year end to review your tax liability can cost taxpayers money.  One simple tax appointment during the tax year can help setup some strategies so that there are no surprises come tax day. Contact me today - Judith Brenneke CPA PC in Jefferson City - I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor

Been to a training class and much of it didn't apply to you?  I offer one on one or small group training for your business so that we can only spend time on the things that are applicable to your business and review your areas of concern.  Whether you are new to QuickBooks or an experienced user, many new features are added each year.  I can assist you with the setup and/or customize Quickbooks for your business needs to maximize the benefits of the program.  

Accounting Services

Financial Statement Analysis & QuickBooks Review Service

Once we have the program setup and running smoothly, we can setup a secure file transfer of your Quickbooks data, either monthly or quarterly.  With the click of a button, I can review your data and recommend or even make any changes changes necessary to ensure your financial statements are timely, accurate, relevant, and understood.  Generating a report from a program does not help make good business decisions.  Your financial statements should tell you a story about where you have been so you can make decisions about your future and plan for changes ahead.

Financial Statement Preparation Service

Timely and accurate financials are the key to your business success.  Waiting to prepare financials can be a costly year end nightmare.  I can input your vendor payments and customer receipts you accumulated during the month and prepare your financial statements.  We will review these financials all year long in order to adjust your business model as needed and plan so there are no surprises at year end.

Full Service Accounting

No one goes into business to become an accountant.  With Full Service Accounting, I can handle this process so you can focus on what makes you successful.  I can become your accounting department:  invoice clients, post collections, process statements, track vendor billings, pay bills as approved, balance the bank accounts, and prepare the monthly financials.  We will review these financials together to allow you to watch trends and make informed financial decisions about your business.  With this service, you are can run your business instead of feeling that your business running you.

Memberships & Organizations